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15-Oct-2016 18:37

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Can you explain to him that he can’t wear these polo shirts anymore, please?

” While the middle of their relationship is quite literally the last place I want to be, I couldn’t help but (silently) agree with my cousin.

’ Nancy’s piece highlights some of the douchiest behaviour of New York’s Tinder-ers to give us an insight as to what happens when dating is turned into rack-’em-up point-scoring between boy-men who’ve grown up learning sex via porn and approaching real-life situations like they’re a video game.

Americans are infamously – and ear-splittingly, sometimes – outgoing compared to us, so it’s no surprise a hand-held shortcut to asking people out could’ve sent this confidence into hyperdrive.

Polo shirts belong back in the frat house or exclusively on the golf course, polo field or tennis court where their practical nature can be put to good use.

So, unless you are literally picking up a mallet, tennis racket or golf club right now, delve deeper in your closet and find something else to wear.

After years of first-person research on dating, she is off the market.

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It’s for quick no-strings-attached sex where girls field reams of horrible messages from grotesque guys who think it’s ok to approach a woman they’ve never met using the line: ‘Come over and sit on my face.’ That’s what Nancy Jo Sales, the esteemed g, stat) says with her article ‘Tinder And The Dawn Of The "Dating Apocalypse"’.Polo shirts may be the uniform of choice for The Sport of Kings (aka, horse racing), but it’s unacceptable for a family dinner, the office or Sunday brunch.

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