Women dating blue collar

08-Sep-2017 12:12

Thats just it, it can work in any combination and at any level, but only if the people involved dont take social status too seriously or believe that someones profession or wealth, define them as a person. I have a masters degree and my husband has a two year tech degree; he is blue collar and I am a professional. Neither of us come from affluent backgrounds; frankly you can say we both had humble beginnings, and that probably helps.

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i think it happens all the time with online dating sites, you pretty much can tell one's social-economic background by their pics and what they write. i had a friend who was a prosecutor and she was cute, very personable, maybe just a little bit too much junk in the truck but some guys like that.

For what it's worth, I can beat him when we watch Jeopardy, because I know the answers to obscure facts.

That being said, when things go wrong at home, I can always trust him to fix it, whether it's dealing with tools or idiot customer service.

oh one more example, met a middle class educate 20s girl (cute, avg body) who was married to a guy she met in guatamala i think.

he was good looking, gentle/suave, guitar playing type.

But in order to "survive" or have decent income, I am part of my family business.

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