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Mr Blair is a paid adviser to a number of governments, investment funds and corporations but seems to be taking an increasing interest in minerals deals.The Telegraph has previously disclosed his work as an official adviser, paid millions of pounds by the Mongolian government, which was in dispute with the mining conglomerate Rio Tinto over the Oyu Tolgoi gold and copper mine in the southern Gobi desert.Now Wikipedia is readable but not editable with Free Wiki by Crypt.space in Turkey Over the past several years, Turkey has repeatedly blocked - so far on a temporary basis - popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter, usually shortly after major events such as mass protests or terror attacks take place.

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The decree also reinstated 236 people to their jobs.Mr Blair’s latest recruitment of two experienced mining executives – one the chief executive of a gold mining company and the other an adviser to Rio Tinto, one of the world largest mining conglomerates – casts a further light on his enterprises.Ari Seth Untracht, a keen amateur boxer, is the latest addition to Tony Blair Associates.He was then recruited by a mining company in Sierra Leone as its chief executive before returning to work for Mr Blair again in London.

Mr Blair has set up an effective trading floor at his headquarters in Grosvenor Square in central London, headed up by David Lyon, an investment banker, formerly at Barclays.

As the following AFP chart shows, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has been virtually unopposed in 12 successive elections, as well as referendums, since president Erdogan he came to power in 2002.