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At Pace University, they set fire to a banner reading “Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Kent” and bashed through the locked glass doors to get at the students inside. If I live to be 100, I don't think I'll ever live to see anything quite like that again.” A municipal secretary tried to pull a fourth hard hat off a kid already being worked over by three assailants.

Trinity Church was turned into a makeshift field hospital, though the angry hard hat mob ripped down the Red Cross banner. Perhaps they agreed with the construction worker who told the , “I'm doing this because my brother got wounded in Vietnam, and I think this will help our boys over there by pulling this country together.” At one point, a worker–his name happened to be Joe–recalled: “The whole group started singing ' God Bless America' and it damn near put a lump in your throat … She found herself pummeled in turn: “Let go of my jacket, bitch.

This was made possible with the additional help of retired principal Frank De Angelis of Columbine High School and KNUS Radio personality Peter Boyles.

It was an incredible show of support by everyone in the community.

“In most cultures you’re taught to embrace getting older, with people respecting you, taking care of you, making you understand you’re loved.If you want to be treated like an equal, we'll treat you like one.” (Another article in that 's producers had made what they thought was an allegory.

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