Who is meagan good dating now

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Still, it wasn't easy for them to suppress their physical attraction for each other. Praying together and going to church together, reading together and keeping God in our relationship is critical."I was like, 'I don't want to be the guy that's known for trying to hit on the talent,'" Franklin recalled. So even if I wanted to think that it was possible, it was not possible." "We see splits every single day, especially in Hollywood," Franklin said. Pete, who made it big as a part of rock band Fall Out Boy, also kept things casual for the walk, donning a black t-shirt, narrow-leg black trousers, low-cut white sneakers and a ball cap.The musician also juggled two iced beverages in his left hand.'It was very tough,' Good told the New York Post last year.'It's interesting because I think it was harder for me.''There were moments where we would be alone and I thought, 'Man, I could really [have sex] right now.She prides herself on being a career woman, starring in the likes of Think Like A Man and Saw, but keeping her personal life relatively private.

The Hollywood power couple insists that waiting to have sex until marriage was key to their relationship.The Stomp The Yard actress, 36, was seen leaving popular eatery Catch in Hollywood with her producer and preacher beau, after admitting she was scared 'marriage would change her'.