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Diane responded with her own note, calling Gale “an awful person with no compassion,” which led to Gale retaliating by describing Diane to his 160,000-plus followers as “wearing mom jeans and a studded belt and […] a medical mask over her idiot face,” asking the US Airways Twitter account to “remove her” from the plane, and following up with another missive, this time closing with “eat my dick.” Diane found Gale’s second note inappropriate, and told him so (via another cursive-penned note), which only added more fuel to Gale’s fire.His last note encouraged her to follow through on her threat to contact the authorities upon landing as well as suggesting that she inform them of her cannibalism (“because you just ate my dick! When the plane landed in Phoenix (both Gale and Diane planned to catch connecting flights), Gale waited for his nemesis at the gate with yet another note — but before he could give it to her, she slapped him in the face.After the story went viral, a commenter who identified him- or herself as Diane’s cousin posted a response on Storify.

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In his defense, Gale tweeted “I will gladly accept criticism from anyone who has more information about yesterday than me.

Otherwise, well, ya know…,” but any other eagle-eyed passengers on the flight have been mysteriously absent from the conversation.

We need to REMIND them about the way of things.” That doesn’t sound very nice, even if it does come with a glass of wine, and it’s also hypocritical.

Diane’s reminders that it was important for the plane to arrive on time were what bothered Gale so much in the first place.

Gale declined an offer to involve the airport police, but apparently couldn’t stop himself from giving Diane yet another letter, in which he told her to look up his Twitter handle and “read every tweet. And maybe next time you’ll be nice to people who are just trying to help.” In the aftermath of all of this, Gale has portrayed himself as some kind of manners martyr.

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