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In 1999, Mickey Mouse Works premiered on ABC, and featured Von Drake as the star of his own animated shorts, including the gag segments "Von Drake's House of Genius".In the years that followed, Von Drake regularly appeared in television shows, comics, video games, and other media centering Mickey Mouse and his friends, typically serving as the absent-minded scientist whose inventions and experiments comically cause mayhem.He prides himself in his intellect, and never hesitates to attempt to convince others of his genius, to the point where he can be somewhat of an egotist.A notable recurring goal for the professor has been to discover the source of his nephew Donald's temper tantrums, mostly for the sake of Donald's health.Von Drake's raspy, Austrian-accented voice was provided by Paul Frees, who was also well-known as the voice behind the Ghost Host in Disneyland's The Haunted Mansion attraction.

Walt Disney entered into television production as early as 1950.

Von Drake comes from Vienna, Austria, and has a fascination with knowledge.