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Score: 28/30Anyone who smells his partners shoes to make sure they're working hard deserves at least one 10.Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson & Alfonso Ribeiro - Jive - "Good Place" by Leo Soul The dance: The child actor factor was strong in this trio, and watching Alfonso buck Frankie up was kind of the cutest thing ever. Frankie might have had doubts about how long he'd last in this competition, but I definitely don't. Let's all just pretend we didn't hear that cringeworthy plug for What the judges said: Bruno attributed their awesomeness to Witney's good influence, and I kind of agree.And she switched to tennis shoes instead of heels for this dance. What the judges said: Even Carrie Ann and Bruno had to agree that Victoria fell out of step next to Laurie and Val.The trio isn't sharp until everyone's sharp, and they didn't quite get there tonight.What the judges said: For once, Len was actually all about the different dance styles besides Charleston incorporated into this routine. All the judges also agreed that Terrell is the most improved star on the show this year, which means something. I also bet his fiancee is excited to have him learning how to waltz right before they walk down the aisle.Unfortunately, Drew's missteps continued this week, and a few less-than-graceful mistakes meant a much lower score than he earned last week.

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The dance: The Charleston is always going to look weird on lanky dancers since you have to flail your limbs around at twice the average speed of an African swallow.It was unclear before now, but Mark, Lindsey, and Kristi really brought it home.