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Moriarity knew all about Bishop’s tenure woes; they had developed a friendship since Bishop had arrived on campus as an assistant professor, in 2003.

They often talked about their families: Bishop had four children (her oldest, Lily, was a student at Huntsville); Moriarity had recently become a grandmother. She fired again, hitting a department assistant, Stephanie Monticciolo.

“This is not a whodunnit,” Amy Bishop’s court-appointed lawyer, Roy Miller, observed after the Huntsville attack: Bishop left nine living witnesses to her crime. After the shooting, the press initially focussed on Bishop’s professional disgruntlement.

(A headline in the ”) But Miller suggested that the problem was more complicated.

There was an obvious explanation: a year earlier, the department had denied Bishop’s bid for tenure, and her protracted and increasingly desperate efforts to appeal the decision had been fruitless.

When the semester ended, she knew, her job would end, as well.

Judy was a gregarious woman with a curly blond mane and a raucous sense of humor; Sam was taciturn and burly, with an Old World reserve.

“I chased him until he caught me,” Judy liked to say.

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Frazier said, “The woman you have in custody, I thought you’d want to know: she shot and killed her brother back in 1986.”The Bishop family home in Braintree, at 46 Hollis Avenue, is a gabled Victorian with a gracious covered porch.

When Amy’s little brother, Seth, was a boy, he would ascend the tree, then panic, unable to get back down.

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