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24-Sep-2016 12:11

i want to stop doing this because firstly, it's not exactly safe and a lot of the dudes i've ended up sexting are 10-30 years older than me...

i mean, personally i like older men but i know i shouldn't be doing this (and definitely neither should they know that I'm only 16) my main concern though is that my mind becomes all sex addicted and i can't focus on what I REALLY NEED TO DO WHICH IS WORK because im so horny and distracted all the time, but i don't know what else to do because the pleasure i get from sexting is extremely addictive and gives me the perfect distraction from all this sadness i feel.

however, i have a TON of work i'm supposed to be doing this summer for my A levels next year (just finished AS) as well as my personal statements etc.

but I'm so lonely and I don't talk to any guys and I've craved male company for so long and I was tired of feeling like cr*p the other night and doing nothing but work that the other night i went onto omegle and thus started talking to random guys.

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Whatever we may take the hint and ill respect you k.This article reports on the introduction, in three English local authority fostering services, of a purpose- designed internet service, which aims to improve information flow to foster carers, enhance interaction and information exchange between foster carers and social workers, provide a social networking facility for communication between carers within a secure environment and create the potential for new relationships to emerge within a ‘community of fostering practice’.The study explored modes and purposes of communication and the extent to which internet technology has been useful and empowering for foster carers, enhancing their professional status, or conversely has been constraining and first sexual relationship was at 15 but that relationship ended when 2017 started, and i didn't have anyone to be sexual with for months and so my sexual drive kinda died down.

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i was really really focused on my school work which i'm really glad about.

Sue Bailey is a senior research associate at the University of East Anglia and the co-ordinator of Making Research Count.

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