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Build a 40-foot telescopic aluminum vertical dipole for under 0!

How about a wireless RC car in a friend's living room in say Germany, operated by a girl in New York (or San Francisco).

Age: 50ish Email: Peter Ich heiße Harry (37/178/70) und komme aus der Nähe von Koblenz.

Mon MSN ajoutez-moi Hello, I am 36 years old, I lived in France (Nancy 54), and I like photographing in unusual places! I am into all types of guys and really like watersports, rimming, group j/o and being naked outdoors. Hello, i am 38 jears old and live in nothern germany. I want to exchange pics with men from everywhere, but I prefer dark and black men.

Would like to exchange pictures and video with other men of any age. I am Farsideone from Cape Town in South Africa, 50 years old and still horny as hell, specially when looking at the great pics on this site. I am 52, slim and hairy body type, 72 kg, 1.80 m Hi, I am married, 35, bi-curious.

Ich bin ständig auf der Suche nach schönen Stunden zu zweit oder einfach nur zum Pic-Tausch.... I am constant in search of beautiful hours (lessons) in twos or simply to the Pic exchange Hi all...

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Ich bin ein neugieriger Bi-Typ aus der nähe von Hagen/Westfahlen. I am interesting in mails with pics or pics/vids trade. Email: Tom Great site with cocks from all over the world. Should be simple: girl uses keyboard to transmit instructions through German friend's computer. Creative way are sensors, even cameras on RC car that communicates back to her in NYC!