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These sheets can be printed without an assessment assigned, allowing teachers and students to use and reuse them on multiple occasions.For more information about this sheet type, please visit our help guide on Generic Answer Sheets.Generic answer sheets are used for multiple-choice questions ONLY.They can be printed in both the Web 11 and Web 4 format; which will print with 5 choices and 4 choices, respectively.Imaginably, this has generated a great number of inconveniences. team is hard at work to find an alternative solution and restore our webcam images for you all as quickly as possible. We were with a tour group for 10 days that also visited Assisi, Perugia, Siena, Florence, Venice & Milan.


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Below is a sample 100 point answer sheet with a few questions bubbled in and the corresponding values shown: Web Answer Sheets are designed to be processed using any compatible web camera connected via a USB, most computers built-in cameras, or the e Doctrina Scanning Application.

If we do not offer a core for your application, you need to call us first, and send your core in to be reground / hardwelded.