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Both actors play former POW Eric Lomax at different stages in his life Stars from The Railway Man Jeremy Irvine, second left, with Colin Firth, second right, and Tanroh Ishida, far left and Hiroyuki Sonada pose in front of a steam train at Hualamphong train station, Bangkok And just as it had affected the real Second World War prisoners on the Burma-Siam railway – also the subject of David Lean’s 1957 Oscar-winner The Bridge On The River Kwai – The Mail on Sunday has been told that the tropical heat, lack of food and relentless orders were too much for many of the 100 extras playing British victims of Japanese brutality on set in Bangkok.

Tom Stanton, from Peterborough, was one of those who refused to do the overtime.

He lives in Thailand, making a living through modelling and advertising work, which are better paid than the film industry.

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, allow me to introduce you to a pustulous Tim Heidecker head popping out of a toilet: And whatever the hell this is: And let’s throw in these scary children for good measure: So now that you’ve seen these screencaps (from a previously released trailer), you know a bit of what you can anticipate come mid-Summer, which is when the streaming service Shudder — which just picked up — will make it available.