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29-Aug-2017 10:10

Sabbag is the woman in this picture who appears to laugh as Hart touches her thigh and rests his head on her chest.The image comes from a video which later shows a couple, who have not been named, having sex According to sources who have viewed the whole tape, it later shows a couple having sex on a bed and a man who looks like Hart walking around naked.'In this particular situation, that's what was attempted.I said I'd rather fess up to my mistakes.' On Sunday, it was revealed that the FBI was probing the extortion attempt and the picture from the tape came the following day. It's not worth it at all, man.' The FBI is investigating the multi-million dollar extortion attempt on Kevin Hart after he publicly apologized to his pregnant wife and his two children over what he described as a 'bad error in judgment.'Law enforcement officials told TMZ that an anonymous person contacted Hart saying they had a video of the comedian and a woman in a sexually provocative situation.Those critics can take some comfort in a bug — or is it a feature?— in GTA V that humiliates men who try to bring the virtual strippers home with them.

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Here's a You Tube video of a player caught trying to persuade an in-game stripper to do the deed with him.

Sabbag's lawyer insists she has nothing to do with the video being filmed or with the extortion attempt which came in the form of an email.

He said she would participate in a lie-detector test to exonerate the comedian but only if he paid her 0,000.

He did not specify what he had done, but admitted to putting himself in an environment where 'only bad things can happen' and said someone was trying to extort him.

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'I'm not going to let a person have financial gain from my mistakes.The mystery person said: 'Kevin Hart was privy to me wanting to expose him as I have made countless attempts to expose this information to various blogs, in an attempt to also get paid.''I got a good one. I call her my rib and I don't know if people know what that means - it's from the Bible. 'You can always try to find something that's better - a bigger a**, some breasts but that never ends so when you do find something stimulates you on a physical and mental and emotional level at this age, what else do you need? It's reported the FBI also believe that the video was captured by someone who got hold of the i Phone on which the encounter was captured.

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