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09-Jul-2017 00:42

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In the example code shown below the only time an object is selected is when a new worksheet is added to the workbook.When you really stop to think about it, an Internet browser in its simplest form isn’t really that impressive an application.Also on the second one it is the same locking macro. Deselect, but i don't know the correct command for it.Thanks I think your other macro is causing the screen to update.You may have noticed that when running the procedure with screen updates disabled the subroutine appeared to run faster.This should certainly be the case as Excel doesn't have to continually redraw the screen each time something changes.

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Do i need Screen updating = True at the end of them or what.I ran a test on my computer and when selecting cells the update occurs at the very end of the macro with screen updating set to false.Make sure your other macros have the line Okay, your solution worked for that fix, but i am still having another problem.Thanks, Any message box will run whether or not screen updating is false.

So if at some point you activate a macro with a message box the code will run the box when it gets to it.

Sometimes people have a macro that automatically runs when the workbook opens.