Updating windows xp sp3

09-Sep-2017 20:27

April 26, 2008 UPDATE: The Full Service Pack 3 is Coming Next Week, This information is from April 28, 2008 UPDATE: that link didnt work i guess so i think the second link is it on here July 1, 2008 UPDATE: heres the full version if your automatic updates didnt up date it yet When you dont meet the requirements for windows vista but want something better than your friends, you can upgrade, BUT this is the beta version that works just like SP2 but gives updates more often...i like it and it only takes a few minutes.to get the Update for service pack three go to the Microsoft website here and click on the 3rd link after you scroll down...thats the English version unless you want it in German or Japanese, click that back and watch it download, if your reading this, it doesnt reset you computer way back to stock, just look at my sweet task bar..

oh yeah, i recommend Mozilla Firefox, like Kazakhstan, its nice!

if you don't close all programs it'll get mad at you and be all bitchy (excuse my language)....is where i leave you, to enjoy Windows XP for a few more years, and not have to suffer the Drag of Windows Vista, (unless you buy a new computer) so have fun with your Windows XP SP3...

Pretty much after the point of where i left you is just common sense, i did everything it said and it even let me have the same log on screen and Everything, start up is just a little slow the first time you load up the new service pack after that it is a breeze...i might do it again and have more pictures, if you need help, just ask, your comment goes straight to my Email.

In addition to the "update history", there are two plain text log files in the C:\WINDOWS folder.

The "half" is a file called "Windows Update.log" which doesn't seem to be used any longer.

Updating is completely automatic via Windows Update.

You can read more about the individual fixes and improvements on Microsoft's Windows 10 Update History: Version 1703 page.

Much like updates on your smartphone, Microsoft is continually adding major features via automatic patching.

As a result, I got to spend a wonderful day and half restoring Windows to its former glory.