Updating multiple rows in sql server 2016

10-Jul-2016 10:54

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The purpose of this tip is to create a Linked Server in SQL Server that points to an Oracle database that enables the return of Oracle database values in SQL Server.

The following query statement requires upper case characters for both the schema and table names.

Your Linked Server in SQL Server connects to an Oracle database through the ORAOLEDB. This provider is available by default with a SQL Server 2014 installation.

You need to initialize the provider so that the Linked Server using the provider runs in process within SQL Server. TThe preceding code adds a new Linked Server named Orcl DB to the Linked Servers collection under Server Objects in Object Explorer.

Finally, you need to add and configure a linkedsrvlogin so that the current SQL Server account can connect to and query the sample Oracle database.

The following sample code lets any SQL Server account connect to the sample database with the hr account that was previously unlocked and confirmed to be able to connect to the sample database.

The issues that you address are the same either way.

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After the installation process completes, reboot your computer.After adding the Linked Server, you will need to configure it for remote procedure calls so that your queries from within SQL Server will return results obtained from the Oracle database.The following T-SQL code shows how to configure this setting.If your installation went like mine, then your Services listing will include lines like those in the following screen shot.

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The sample database for Oracle 11g includes a schema owner named hr.After installing and configuring the Oracle database server, you can create a Linked Server in SQL Server that points at the Oracle sample database and the hr account.