Updating dataset without dataadapter

06-Jan-2017 03:50

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Theoretically there are basically 5 differences between Abstract Classes and Interfaces as listed below.3. Sample code String Builder number = new String Builder (10000);for (int i = 0; i The String object is immutable. Collections is a very important namespace in the programmer's perceptive.String Builder and String class String A string is a sequential collection of Unicode characters that represent text. Concat method concatenates one or more instances of a String. Write Line (string1); string string2 = "Hi " "This is Jitendra ";string2 = "Sampathi Rao."; Console. Every time you use one of the methods in the System. String Builder class can be used when you want to modify a string without creating a new object. While coding, we look for classes that can reduce manual operation.Sort property of your Data View to update the sorting. The Data Grid View in question is bound via a binding source to a datatable in a dataset which gets its data from an SQL Database Table. The data that the SORT is required on is the datagrid column 'Display Value' of a 'Combo Box', not the value in the bound datatable. This display value (Employee Name) is not in the underlying bound datatable as it only contains the Employee_Id which is used in the Data Grid View 'Employee Name' Cells to lookup the employee table to get the display value i.e. Hence as it stands if the user clicks to sort the 'Employee Name' column then the rows are sorted on the 'Employee_ID' which is not what is required and meaningless to the user.

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On the Selected Index Changed event of your Combo Box, you can get the sort column, and change the . So, instead of having "1" as the value for Smith, the value would be something like "Smith00001."2. Last Name RIGHT('0000' CONVERT(VARCHAR(6), t.employee_id),5) AS Employee FROM transactions t INNER JOIN employees e ON......"3.

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