Updating channels palm os

25-Mar-2017 16:28

The caveat is that this plan is only available for Celcom FIRST Gold subscribers in the Klang Valley area. If you’re only interested in paying the bare minimum for fibre Internet connectivity and are a Celcom FIRST Gold subscriber, then perhaps this plan could be for you.

Celcom are also offering a 50% discount for the first six months of your Home Broadband subscription so that could be quite attractive for the user on a budget.

Opting for the Uni Fi Pro plan gives you additional benefits on top of those that you get with the Uni Fi Advance plans.

Firstly, the Uni Fi Pro plan comes with a free Voice Call voice bundle (worth RM20) that gives you 600 mins of calls, beyond which you will be charged 10sen/min to mobile and other fixed lines (calls to TM fixed lines remain free).

Most of TIME’s ports can be found in apartments and condos so if you’re living on a landed property, odds are, you won’t be able to subscribe to TIME.

Maxis are notorious for not participating in price wars, instead, opting to improve customer service and reliability.

If you don’t want to pay the premium for 500Mbps, they also have lower tier plans rated at 100Mbps and 300Mbps that costs RM149 and RM189 respectively.are a “SWAT-like team of Internet experts” who specialise in optimising your Internet connection.