Updating boot camp drivers dating a former army ranger

30-Jul-2017 20:31

updating boot camp drivers-70

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You should be similar to Version 5.1.4 (500) if you are on 10.10.5 Boot Camp gets updated when you update OS X so it's really not dependent upon any version of Windows whatsoever so you would be up date on Boot Camp even if you deleted your windows partition and started over.

As @bmike♦ said, Boot Camp gets updated when you update OS X: indeed i'm running 10.11 and i've got Boot Camp Assistant version 6.

Is it safe to update drivers from Nvidia site, some other sites(for other drivers) or Apple releases special type of drivers for there hardware and only those will be supported?

These issues persist even when affected users boot back into mac OS Sierra.

Affected users should contact Apple or schedule a Genius Bar appointment for further support.