Updating ata controller firmware

26-Oct-2017 15:54

Visit Diagnostics Backup/Restore and download a backup of the firewall configuration (config.xml).

Those with a pf Sense Gold subscription may also use the Auto Config Backup package to make a manual backup noting the reason as "before upgrade".

Downgrading a full installation to previous releases directly in-place is not supported.

Very rarely is it desirable or necessary to go back to a prior release.

power off or remove the USB flash drive from the Montage until the “Finish. If power is accidentally interrupted while running the updater (by disconnecting the AC cord, etc.), the unit may become inoperable. If the unit still does not function after doing this, please contact your nearest Yamaha service center.

How to avoid an “NG” message when updating the firmware on a Yamaha Montage.

Anyone who owns or uses any of the above-listed products should conduct the free firmware update immediately, prior to using the new high-speed media.

First, as always before any major change to the firewall, make sure there is a good, up-to-date backup.

The update disc for standalone DVD recorders can be inserted into the DVD recorder to automatically complete the update. If users have any questions, they should call Pioneer's toll free hotline at 800-421-1623.

The DVR-215D DVD/CD Writer supports 20x write speeds on both DVD-R/ R along with the capability to write at 10x speed on DVD-R/ R dual/double layer media.

There is a chance that a regression from one version to another, either in the pf Sense or Free BSD code, can leave the firewall unusable.

With some advance planning, the firewall can quickly be returned to the previous release.Via Disc (for both computer drives and standalone video recorders): An update disc for either product type can be obtained via the website above or by calling toll-free 800-421-1623.