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25-Sep-2016 10:29

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Display Alerts = false; Excel.workbook workbook; // ... Refresh All(); // this doesn't refresh the connection // ... OLEDBConnection I'm able to successfully access its properties (type, OLAP, Refresh Date,etc.) and add them to my logs, so I don't understand why it's not able to refresh it. Refresh All() code works for non-OLAP-connected spreadsheets. To change the recorded macro so that the query runs in the background, edit the macro in the Visual Basic Editor.Change the refresh method for the Query Table object from Background Query := False to Background Query := True.

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I have not been able to force the Dashboard tiles to refresh and reflect the latest data in the cube (after many days, still hasn't refreshed).If your data source requires a password to connect to it, you can require that users enter the password before they can refresh the external data range.The following procedure does not apply to data that is retrieved from a text file (.txt) or a Web query (.iqy).Each time you refresh the data, you see the most recent version of the information in the data source, including any changes that were made to the data.

Security Note: Connections to external data may be currently disabled on your computer.

Start the process at a time when you do not need immediate access to other files, and make sure that you have adequate disk space to save the file again.

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