Tweetdeck validating problem

16-Dec-2016 01:36

NET Framework 3.5 SP1 which could fail to install it’s bundled copy of . __________________________________________________________________________ We’ve all come to love the ease of adding redistributables to our deployment package through Installshield’s Prerequisite editor.One thing that’s not so great about it though is that there’s no validation performed to ensure the prerequisite was actually installed.= END_OF_LIST) sz Compressed Guid = Compressed GUID(sz Product Number); Reg DBSet Default Root(HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT); REGDB_OPTIONS = REGDB_OPTIONS | REGDB_OPTION_WOW64_64KEY; //let's be 64bit aware if(Reg DBKey Exist(sz Key) 0) then Launch App And Wait("msiexec","/x " sz Product Number " /qb /passive", WAIT); goto product Found: endif; n Result = List Get Next String (product Codes, sz Product Number); endwhile; product Found: List Destroy(product Codes); end; Note: The code for the Compressed Guid() function can be found in one of my earlier blog posts: Installscript to Transform GUID into ‘Compressed GUID’.Like I mentioned, we’ve had this in place for a couple releases without any reported problems. But, because twitter is a tool of my Build Maestro online persona, this is where I’m gonna rant!It seems like every other time I start Tweet Deck I get a VERY annoying popup notifying me there’s an update for Adobe AIR (what Tweet Deck, a twitter client, runs on).I usually hit the ‘update later’ button, but this just kicks the can down the road (sort of like QE and the impending sovereign debt crisis) and the nag screen just waits for the next time I use the app.

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I say, if you need to update, at least give me the option to have it silently done in the background.

) that’s a pretty handy tool to show which versions of the . Sure, there are plenty of ways to find out which version is on the machine: Add/Remove programs and updates, Server Manager, Registry keys, the version of . In a Basic MSI project: Right click on the prerequisite Abort the setup.