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25-Jun-2016 21:16

You probably know that websites keep track of how you're using them, and even the sites that don't require you to sign up with an account can keep a track of your preferences and behaviour using cookies.But the biggest networks, like Google, and Facebook, keep tracking you even when you're not signed in and follow you around the Internet to serve you with "relevant" advertising and content.And since most of us will have signed up for at least one of Google's many popular services, that's the company that has the most information.Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of one company knowing so much about them.Here's what Google says about this, "To help your friends and others find cool stuff online, your activity (such as reviews, 1's, follows, shares, etc.) may be used along with your name and photo in commercial or other promotional contexts." If you'd rather not endorse products or services in advertisements posted on the Web, follow these steps.1) Go to Google's shared endorsements settings page and sign in.2) Now scroll down to the bottom and remove the uncheck the box that reads, "Based on my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads."3) Once you've removed the tick-mark, click the blue Save button. Switch from Google Still worried about your browsing history being tracked to deliver search results on the Web?These steps should have helped you keep Google from tracking your Web activity.If you have any other suggestions, reach out using the comments section below.

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You'll notice that the data above will be replaced by N/A.3) Google's advertising cookie is still tracking you.Duck Duck Go recently added several new features such as instant answers.Apple's i OS 8 supports Duck Duck Go and users will be able set it as the default search engine on their i OS devices.Visit it and sign in.2) Here you will see two columns, one for advertisements you'll see on Google's websites and one for the advertisements you'll be shown on the Web.

Based on your data, Google will have estimated your gender, age, languages you speak and your interests.

Thankfully, Google makes it very easy to disable tracking.