Tips for writing online dating profile

17-Aug-2016 08:07

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Iversen adds: “There's plenty of opportunity to include full length pics of you, favourite pets, places etc.

Experiment Any good marketer will tell you that the key to successful marketing is to test, test and test some more, so don’t just write a profile and stick with it regardless.

How do you get across the fact that you’re a normal, friendly, flexible person without resorting to clichés?

If you’re stuck for inspiration, and find yourself staring, sweaty palmed, at a blank screen, then fear not, here are six quick tips to help you write a dating profile that’s sure to get you noticed. This doesn’t mean turning your profile into a list of requirements, but it’s good to have an idea before you start of what you want, so you can target your own description accordingly.

A picture showing a genuine smile will make a good first impression, and a slight tilt of the head is likely to get better responses online.

Iversen says: “First impressions count – so if you only have an old or slightly blurry photo to hand, wait until you've got a new one taken, before adding it to your profile.There isn’t a ‘perfect’ profile out there that fits all, but Dr Khalid Khan from Queen Mary University in London has identified a set of patterns that explain how our minds work when browsing for dates.

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