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Boy: This depends on your husband, if he allows me. Us Ki Saheli Bhi Aa K Kahy JANU Muje Bhe Phasa Lo.. ***************** Caterpillar last words to a guy who's about to kill him u r just jealous that i can make ur girlfriend scream louder than u can. If it is short, protect yourself from men at work" ***************** In a bar 1 Guy says 2 another "I slept wid ur mom last nite" D whole bar was waiting 4 d other Guy's response.

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Make your friends conscious about you in a cute way by forwarding Naughty lines.

"I stop smoking" 1 day I read drinking is bad "I stop drinking" 1 day I read making Girl friend S is bad habit " I stop reading" l Olzz' ***************** Height of bravery! Entring The class widout Permission n saying to MAM: "Hey Sw Ee Ty! ***************** Do U know the fullform of COLLEGE- Do U know the fullform of COLLEGE- C-Come, O-On, L-Lets, L-Love, E-Each, G-Girl, E-Equally...... ***************** Met a girl the other day who has a seashell tattooed on her inner thigh. ************** Be smart and don't let me go, A girl like me and a love like mine don't come around every day.