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Once off of the ice, they stared at each other silently with the same intense and forlorn expression as they went to change for the next number.Andrew repeated his question and asked Scott, “Hello? It’s like you checked out entirely there.” Scott shook off his daze and made a joke about the gruelling days catching up to him.Both found themselves in unexpected relationships shortly after this post-Sochi talk.They agreed not to talk about either relationship with each other this time around.Former Flame seemed to have grown up since the last time, in some ways. That division didn’t matter since he felt he needed to emotionally try to make an effort in this relationship, oddly for his best friend’s sake. He decided to distract himself by goofing off with some of the cast members nearby. You know exactly what slash, who I’m talking about.SOI Bus - Now His New Potential gently squeezed his arm, “Hey, you okay, babe? Tessa sat at the back of the bus with her arm looped through Jeff’s unconsciously staring at her best friend and his New Potential. First, I’ve got to honestly say that I’m relieved that He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is finally done. On paper, a happily-ever-after makes all the sense in the world for us.

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At the same time, I knew it was something we had to do.” She fixed her gaze on Scott at this point “I just didn’t expect to feel so…” Tessa was lost in the moment and hadn’t even noticed that Jeff was wiping tears from her cheek. Look at me – I’m so detached from my emotions that I don’t even notice when I’m crying.” Both started to laugh. I’ve got shockingly great eyesight you know, even when the lights go out.” Tessa’s eyes widened and she playfully swatted Jeff’s arm.

In the past, being one another’s confidant proved to make it easier to end the relationship either was in.

The year of “yes” continued on and they both hesitantly figured out a rhythm to this new dance they were in.

Jeff patted her hand and murmured, “I beg to differ. In a more serious tone he said, “I know it feels terrifying right now – you know, the possible outcome of all of this.

I think it shows just how connected you are to those pesky emotions. But you need to trust that real, nitty gritty love, always wins…always.

Even though everything in Scott fought against this plan, he knew she was right.

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