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03-Nov-2016 14:19

It’s moments like this you'll be glad you have someone in your life you can rely on.

It also may be times like this when you’re glad you hadn’t been asking for handouts the entire time.

By being your friend’s crutch, you’re only ensuring their continued failure.

The only way to help the people you love is by showing them how strong and intelligent they are, and how much potential they possess.

Being supportive is helping someone help himself -- being someone’s crutch is helping him as if he couldn’t help himself.

I believe you should do your best to rely on other people as little as possible. If you can avoid relying on someone, you’re better off doing so.

More often than not, a helping hand turns into a crutch.

While crutches are sometimes necessary, relying on them for too long weakens you.

These individuals aren’t gypsies with the ability to see the future.

If people can avoid doing work to get what they need in life; they will.

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