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18-Feb-2017 05:14

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So throw all of your excuses away about how you don’t think your handsome enough, or your ashamed about your height. These women will brush you off and keep walking just like they do those advertisers.2) You are stoppingher as if you have to tell her she dropped something This immediately shuts off her rejection response.3) She has most likely never been stopped this way before.

You are showing her you are a man, you are confident, and you do what you want.

Then check out a much more detailed guide we created on how to pick up girls anywhere, anytime.

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Not a single question needed to be asked in the intro to that conversation. Obviously you can ask questions, and you will need to during the interaction, but the method of assumption stacking to build a solid rapport before hand can work like a charm.

They are not models They were once terrible with women They are inspiring to say the least I have studied their methods, watched all their videos, and done their stuff myself, and can say that it is absolutely the most effective was to meet women during the day. Daygame is a company run by Andy Yosha, Yad, and Tom Torero, amongst others.

They are all average looking guys who were bad with women and dedicated their lives to getting better.

They teach men to use openers to random women like “who lies more, men or women?

” or ask women for advice about your friends girl friend.Most pick up artist forums or books will tell you to go up and ask a ridiculous question like who lies more, or make up a story about your friends gf. All you have to do is go up to a girl and tell her you think she looks really nice. So you can assume something about here instead.[quote]”I really like your look and style, you look like your from Sweden or something.”[/quote]What this does is opens up a real interest to a girl and takes all the pressure off her.

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