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Collection of Tagalog Quotes, Tagalog Love Quotes, Tagalog Joke... I'm not going to lie to you and say this is the best thing ever since sliced bread, but what I can offer you is a great server with an even greater staff team and community. - 24/7 UPTIME - STABLE - ECO - PK - BOSSING - GAMBLING - SKILLING - GAME MODES - WEEKLY UPDATED - We invite you to come and join our fresh new community! The players is loving that they get to choose what updates that will be done by suggesting on the forums, the server is stable and have a uptime of ! we are in development of working skills and tons of unique armours, such as slag armour and venum armour, the owners of the server are very decent coders. We also offer 16 bosses, 8 minigames, Raids minigame, Zulrah, perfect Player killing system, and MUCH MORE.

ZEAH OSRS | Perfect OSRS Server | Original OSRS Content | All Pets | All Skills | HCIM | UIM | Motherlode Mine | Active Staff | Raids and Inferno | Economy | Wilderness | Fountain of Rune | All OSRS Items | Wilderness Resource Area | Arclight Legends of Valor is a brand new 317 rsps loading the latest OSRS data!

Welcome to Solace everyone, Solace is a 317 loading various data in order to provide our players with a jam packed game. 4 different modes Normal, Iron Man, Ultimate Ironman, Expert mode with different xp rates. We believe it is time for us to show what we have and are capable of doing. Engage in the most actively-intense clan battles, and Pv P situations imaginable with multiple CASH prizes.

Vannaka was created in late 2016 and only rose to its current state after being released on 11/07/2017 by the Owner and Developer, Killua. Vernox is a new server that has been in development for some time now. Spawn PK - Fullscreen & resizable mode - perfect pathing - All bosses pets - Weekend events - Weekly Bonuses - Blood Money & PK Points - Construction - Bounty Hunter - Gear spawn table - Teleport Menu - New items WELCOME TO HAVOC, Made by PKers for PKers, and presented by HUGE RS YOUTUBERS.

With an amazing team of the friendly and experienced developers and staff, we are capable of making your dream experience come reality ! v=fj MKZgp6Wy A&feature=y Phoenix PK is a brand new, 525 RSPS with an active staff team to help you around the clock.

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Features: -Fully working Dungeoneering -All skills working -Player Owned Shops -Many Bosses -And Much Much More!

Devious Pk offers the most thrilling content that you will find in any Runescape Private Server and that is why players stay at Devious Pk and love us.