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31-Jul-2016 11:57

Given the political climate nationally and transnationally, understanding difference and challenging stereotypical perceptions around identity have become imperative.

Difference Goes Speed Dating follows on from Professor Robert Storr’s rallying call to action, that “theory has its moment, but there is a time for empirical work” (Tr AIN Open lecture, November 2016).

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“As a candidate, you are presented with life-altering decisions that have to be made often within 24 hours of the job offer.

It's not uncommon to be mulling over a two-year contract in Caracas, Jedda or Geneva, for example,” he said.

“Ultimately, those decisions are made with pretty limited information and often influenced by gut feeling.” • Teacher beware: the pitfalls of teaching abroad For those attending job fairs this year, Annalee has some advice.

When he offered her a job, she accepted with delight.

“In a moment of joy and excitement, I hid behind the school brochure, squealed and did a happy dance in my chair,” she recalled.

Every January, international schools start to search for new teachers for the following academic year at job fairs.