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04-Jun-2017 15:05

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I registered in a website which finds speaking partners for different languages and then I chose english and searched based on education level. In America there are men who like women from foreign places, a lot of men liking Asian women specifically.

Usually, these people like Asian women in a sexual context, unfortuntely, and it seems they're using the site for that purpose.

The weird thing is that both of them have asked me to do weird things.

like doing sex chat or talking dirty or showing them my under wear.

In den letzten Jahren haben wir so einige Konzerte beim TFF in Rudolstadt gespielt.

Leider wurde dieses Jahr die freie Straßenmusik stark eingeschränkt, wie wir erst diesen Mittwoch erfahren haben.

That is not all America has to offer, but like I said, the main ingrediants in the life of a typical American is money, sex, drugs, material things, and status.

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@Princess Bijira you are right but the problem is that i don't know any american people in real life but let me explain, I don't add people randomly. I think you should avoid that site in the future, these people seem to be trying to take advantage of people who don't speak English as their native language.

@sweet1993 This happens a lot on Skype, and I'm sure it's not just Americans who try to proposition people for sexual purposes.

The best thing is to make sure that you only add people you know in real life or a friend of someone you trust.

There is a penpal site that I use which is pretty reliable: It is better than other sites because you only give out your email address to people you choose.

[edited by Anomalia to remove offsite contact information and Emily619 to make the link clickable and fix a typo] ​Hopefully you'll be able to see it this time, since it's not an email address.

I wish you luck, America is a great place, these men aren't very common. You kind of made me ashamed of my country actually, but it is the truth.

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