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Cam is both loved and hated, depending on whom you ask. He laughs, dabbing at 'em all with his magnificent smile, saying hate all you want, I'm here to stay.When the haters start to notice, that means we're doing something right.The bottom line is, if we want to be successful at anything we do, we have to put in the time and be focused on our mission.Cam went into the Super Bowl with his game face on and lost, but I guarantee you when we see him again, he's gonna come out all the way hard, fired up by every error. How we deal with those failures is what defines us and our ability to win. The low speed is probably a good thing, because we and our passengers were compelled to watch the mechanical shuffling of the deck.Despite the wizardry, the trunk houses the same 4.6 cubic feet as the soft top, enough for two carry-ons for the weekend getaway.A host on BET's "106 & Park" mocked her infant daughter's hair saying, “I really did wake up like this, because my parents never comb my hair.”Amy Poehler's show included a joke about R. Beyoncé, being the class act that she is, never said a word.Her followers are doing all the talking for her, both demanding and receiving apologies.

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On the other hand, blacks are cheering her on, defiantly displaying their mini hot sauce bottles as an affront to “the man.”Cam, currently persona non grata in the sports world, and experiencing the wrath of Twitter, teary-eyed Michael Jordan memes included, after losing the Super Bowl is bearing the brunt of statements like, “They haven't seen nothing they can compare me to.”A few have come to his rescue, noting his mere four years in the NFL and the lagging defensive game of the Panthers, but most are raging against his personality, damning him for his pre-game and confidence in the midst of a major loss. Here are five things we can take away from their experience, as we move toward exposing our authentic selves: Have you ever noticed that when you do something you love, time no longer exists?Beyoncé announced a grueling world tour with dates in the US, Canada and across Europe.