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01-Aug-2016 18:14

Packingham was arrested for having consensual sex with a 13-year-old back in 2002 when he was 21. Thanks, Jesus.” The post, written in 2010, has landed Packingham in the middle of a hotly contested Supreme Court case.State law also makes it illegal to have sex with a minor who is three years younger, meaning it’s a crime for a college junior to have sex with a freshman.In many states, minors who engage in sexting, taking and sharing nude photos of themselves, can potentially be listed as sex offenders for life.The measure also has an exemption for websites that only provide chat rooms or photo-sharing services.Justice Kagan pointed out that this means offenders could still be active on Snapchat, an app mainly used by millennials to send and receive videos and pictures that self destruct after 1-10 seconds.

With the spectrum of offenses being so extensive, one has to ponder whether it makes sense to cut off all offenders from social media, regardless of the nature of their offenses. Clark wrote a brief supporting the law and was joined by attorneys general in 12 other states.Eleven states require sex offender registration for peeing in public.In California, flashing your breasts can get you arrested and put on the registry. I don't do a lot of reading but I found I could not put this book down. I found myself highlighting something on just about every page.

My self-talk in this moment is, "because people really like to know 'how it is' for other people." Let's all keep envisioning a world where secrecy is not necessary. Janet, I just wanted to write a short note to you to thank you for writing your book, "Polyamory Many Loves".

So if there were alternative channels then, why would there not be alternative channels now? The state maintains that the statute is meant to only ban social media sites where members can link to other people’s personal pages.

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