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Young pointed to data showing that “single women over 30 have higher levels of education, occupation, and Church activity than single men.” Consequently, Young cautioned, “If never-married men were to arise from the dust and seek marriage, we can only wonder who they would go out to marry.Based on available studies of marital success, we would have to be very concerned about the quality and long-term stability of a marriage between the typical never-married LDS male over thirty and the typical never-married LDS female over thirty.” In retrospect, Benson’s 1988 address may have been a “last hoorah” for the harsh nineteenth-century style of preaching on male singleness.The quarter century since that address has seen some attenuation in Church leaders’ admonitions to marry.In fact, in 1987, President Hinckley declared that “marriage should not be viewed as a therapeutic step to solve problems such as homosexual inclinations or behavior.” In an even more recent speech to 5,000 singles, apostle M.It is almost unlawful to talk about.” Ultimately, however, Mormon theology cured Stephens of his inveterate bachelorhood: on 5 November 1930, a year after his death, Stephens’s housekeeper Sarah Daniels was sealed to him. and president of Deseret Book, Dew is also an inspirational speaker, writer, former counselor in the general presidency of the Relief Society, and former White House delegate to the United Nations.In the twentieth century, perhaps no Mormon bachelor has received more media attention than legendary quarterback Steve Young. “Brigham Young once said, right here on these grounds, that anyone over 27 years of age that’s not married is a menace to society. Dew has spoken about her single status on many occasions, characterizing that status in essentially negative terms—as a cross to be borne.

Larson, chair of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at BYU, made headlines at the university’s paper, the , by stating that LDS singles needed to put more thought and preparation into marriage.

Scott told single young men, “Don’t waste time in idle pursuits. Don’t just coast through this period of life.” Days after President Monson’s speech, LDS leaders announced the disbanding of all student wards in Utah Valley and the formation of new all-single stakes and wards for people 18–30. is, after all, the goal of all these singles wards.” What challenges do LDS singles confront?

The ’s Peggy Fletcher Stack connected this reorganization to the pro-marriage preaching in conference the week before, noting that persuading “young men and women to stop postponing marriage . Does being single in the Church promise more than becoming a “ministering angel” who will wait tables in the celestial kingdom, as Pat Bagley has humorously imagined?

“Don’t rush even if you’ve found the right person,” Larson wrote.

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“I don’t think the Spirit will tell you, ‘Don’t get to know him or her better first.’” Larson explained that pressure to marry and marrying too young are factors that hamper the success of a marriage: the divorce rate, he warned, is 70 percent for people who marry before age twenty.During the April 2011 priesthood session of general conference, President Thomas S.

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