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They were a real blessing to us." D'Alelio said "They were so fantastic to us, a real testament to the people of Montana, Gabe is planning to move here now. And we decided if this crater proves out, we Are going to name it Bender Crater in honor of them. They were just amazing to us." D'Alelio and Mainwaring said they planned to do a little gold panning in Landusky then scope out another possible crater site, before returning home today.

"We will defiantly let you know the outcome of the research," they said.

We studied the rim, the bowl and surrounding area and took samples." Much like Daniel Moreau Barringer, who proved the famous Meteor Crater in Arizona in 1902, D'Alelio and Mainwaring said they had not spent a full day before they knew the crater had been caused by meteorite impact.

" "We collected samples of the rocks and we'll take them back to the University of Washington to analyze. First is the presence of iridium, an element only found in meteorites.

Astronomers Carolyn and Eugene Shoemaker and Dave Levy discovered a new comet in the Earth's solar system in orbit around Jupiter in1993.

Tidal forces of the large planet caused the comet to disintegrate over the next year and astronomers observed the fragments proceed around the sun then head back on a collision course for Jupiter.

Two geologists from Washington traveled to north-central Montana last week after an accidental discovery of what they believe is a "new" meteorite impact crater, located just southeast of Thornhill Butte. Martin University students at Havre's Fifth Street Grind and Short Stop Thursday.

The discoverers were on their way to a local laundry to dry their clothes, drenched in the previous day's rain, before heading back out in their home-built buggy, "the Mule" designed for rugged terrain.

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"We checked with the USGS (United States Geological Survey) and there was no record of it.They fed us dinner and let us sleep in their home for the night.