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"The hat had a Harley Davidson logo on the side of it." Holly was wearing her red coat. It contained an expired school ID, a bus pass, a Tim Hortons card, gloves, sunglasses, lip gloss and her ID card from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

For the rest of Saturday, the integrated Halifax Regional Police/RCMP General Investigation Section reconstructed Holly's movements from the day before, pulling her bank records, watching video from the liquor store and interviewing those who had been with her.

A few weeks before, Holly had started a job as a researcher for the province.

She was also nearing the end of her grad program at Dal, and the coursework was intense. Back downtown, she met her friend Moira for dinner at The Fireside Restaurant.

Herlt works for Cherubini Metal Works, which had been hired to install two towers beneath the Mac Kay Bridge, near where the two giant cables that hold up the suspension bridge make landfall on the Halifax side.

The cables are anchored by what's called an abutment, a massive concrete wedge that slopes steeply up from the ground to a point nearly 10 metres high.

For sanctioned access, there is a padlocked gate in the fence.

The towers Herlt and his team were installing stretched from the land beside the wedge to the bridge itself, so the group split up, with Herlt and a couple other workers heading to the bridge deck.

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Every night that week she had gone to her parents' house to sit with him, to be by his side, hold his hand and just talk. After an hour or so, the group headed off to the department of public administration's year-end party at the University Club.

The police confirmed with Holly's family that she was blind.

At the hospital, Holly was checked for signs of rape, and there were none.

I kind of freaked out; I thought one of the ironworkers had fallen from up top." It was Holly.

An ambulance soon arrived, and the EMTs who examined Holly found severe bruises on her face, cuts on her hands and knees.

And they ran back to get the commissionaire, and they got him to call 911.