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Texting first can rid you of a bad If he’s a good (perhaps reluctant) guy who’s truly interested in you, he’ll be excited to hear from you — and you’ll be able to sense that interest.

He’ll carry the ball, ask questions, maybe even suggest you meet up.

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If your allure lies totally in “the game” and being unavailable, a player will stop chasing you when you’re no longer running.However, my absolute favorite way is probably the simplest: Be real. If you are consistently gut-checking, wondering if your behaviors read “too interested,” then you’re not acting crazy.The good guys have perhaps barely registered your interest at all, and you’re not filtering hard enough for the bad ones (we’ll get to that; keep reading).After talking to hundreds of men at this point in my career (and life), I’ve seen the view from the other side; they talk themselves out of women they like as often as they talk themselves into them. Use this trick early on, either right after you’ve met someone in person or after a first or second date for the best results.

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This means you can’t sit back and do nothing á la — or you can, but you’ll miss out on some good guys. What to do: Send the text you’ve been asking all your friends if you should send.I listen to their dating problems, and they hem and haw about what they should and shouldn’t interested could kill attraction, but daters these days run the risk of not seeming interested at all.