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Clothing and makeup are selected using specific parameters set by the scene culture, which generally consists of mostly teenagers.It seems to draw inspiration from the previously popular emo, grunge, and skater teen subcultures, but with more glam.Scene culture originated from the 70s term “scene queen,” which referred to a heterosexual musician who dressed and acted as if they were gay.The term changed from “scene queen” to “scene kid” denoting that the majority of those who subscribed to the subculture were teenagers or younger.Hair dying, makeup, tattoos and piercings are accompanied by glitter and bows, skinny jeans and skinny ties.Click here to see the pricing on Manic Panic Blue Hair Color As with the teen culture genres of old, painted fingernails seems to be common as are multiple piercings, especially facial piercings.Styled hair, often a choppy layered cut with side bang on girls, and glamorized makeup is then combined with wearing more casual and less conventional clothing such as trucker hats, t-shirts with graphic designs or cartoon characters and, in a tribute to the preceding dark-mood-driven teen cultures, combat boots.That same criteria is applied to all areas of the scene kid’s lifestyle including music preferences, phrases, and even recreational choices.

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I could tell you about palm reading, zodiac signs, psychology, etc. At your feet; yes, your feet can tell you a ton about who you are and what you like!

Click here to see Black Velvet Lipstick that Many Scenekids Crave So what are scene kids?

They are young people who are seeking a means of self-expression which allows for their own uniqueness to be seen while breaking the societal constructs which feel stifling and limiting to their growing character.

Other scene bands, like Design The Skyline, play metal music.

While some music, especially that of broke NCYDE, has been heavily criticized within both the musical and the literary worlds, scene youths listen avidly and attentively, absorbing the messages within the lyrics.The images that people choose for the desktop wallpaper of their computers can sometimes say a lot about their identities.

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