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The exertion made her head spin, and more pain—this time from her foot or ankle or shin, it was impossible to tell—shot up her leg. she yelled to herself, the panic beginning to set in. The trainer was standing next to Charlie now and had just reached his cool, strong hand to her throbbing wrist, when, without any warning at all, the whole world went black.

A bride is walking down the aisle toward her beloved on their wedding day.

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The outsides of her ankles were covered in purple bruises from hitting the stiff tops and tongue of the leather.

On both sides were enormous glossy black-and-white photos of tennis legends who had emerged victorious from Centre Court: Serena Williams, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Andy Murray. Alice was glancing from side to side, too, as they walked toward the door that would take them onto Centre and thrust them onstage.