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22-Oct-2017 16:14

That school in the state with all those lakes and stuff is littered with youth. At just 36 years old, Fleck is the youngest coach in the Big Ten and the 4 youngest in all of college football.

Over 69 percent of the Golden Gopher roster is made up of underclassmen, and those same vermin are led by first year head coach P. But although he undoubtedly outpaces Iowa’s head man in spryness and original hair color, we can take solace in the fact that 62 year-old Kirk Ferentz is a tenured ‘professor’ of the coaching institution who doesn’t have to take any crap from some young whipper-snapper in Minneapolis. More good news is that Iowa has already made a habit of swatting down the ‘millennials’ of college football head coaches in 2017, sending both 37 year-old Matt Campbell of Iowa State and 38 year-old Seth Littrell of North Texas home with a big fat ‘L’ on their respective records.

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Minnesota Golden Gophers Saturday, October 28, 2017, p.m. But I will admit, as I felt the life drain from by body on Saturday after watching a 4 down pass dropped that would have extended overtime against Northwestern, I did, for a second, wonder if I might require some form of emergency assistance. And perhaps it was only my youthful exuberance that helped me overcome the agony I was sharing in that moment with Hawkeye fans everywhere.

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There will be a lot of time spent in the classroom reviewing game film, as Iowa was sucked into over-pursuits one too many times.

The zone defense was a head scratcher and left a lot of open space for receivers to roam free against linebackers who can’t match that kind of speed.

Stanley’s job over the next few days of practice is finding the chemistry with them to convert on big play opportunities, instead of leaving 3 potential scores off the board as was the case in Ames.

Akrum Wadley and James Butler will be the workhorses, and that means the offensive line will have to create the holes.

James Daniels return was the best news Stanley could have received but the line re-adjusts again losing Ike Boettger for the season due to an Achilles injury.

This is why coaches get paid the big bucks, you don’t know what is broken until it happens; their job is to fix it.

The defense was expected to receive a boost with the return of corner Manny Rugamba, but that wasn’t the case as he showed in-game rust.

That timing comes with more practice, more experience and knowing your receivers speed and acceleration.