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Question: How many "kinds" or "species" were created to give the variety we now have?

Also, how many animals would Noah have had on the Ark?

However, certain elements also have an unstable or radioactive form that, under natural conditions, decays or breaks down into "daughter" products at a very uniform rate.

The carbon-14 method is slightly different from other dating methods. Carbon-14 is the unstable form produced by cosmic ray bombardment of nitrogen in the earth's upper atmosphere.

The net result is that every living thing contains normal carbon (C-12) and some C-14. If light from the most distant stars has taken millions of light years to reach us, how can the earth be only thousands of years old?

The belief that "light from the most distant stars has taken millions of years to reach us" is based on two major assumptions: (1) the distance and (2) the speed at which light travels.

The extended family of Joseph and Mary may have included, say, a cousin who lived at Cana or possibly it was a sister of Jesus (Matthew -56) who was being married to a man of Cana.

In any case, the Jewish wedding was essentially a family affair and could have lasted several days.

Nevertheless, the account concludes with, "Then God saw everything that He had made and indeed it was very good" (Genesis ).The most detailed account of Noah's Flood is given in the Book of Genesis.

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