Questions to ask at speed dating

05-Jun-2016 09:42

Know the questions that you want to ask to each of the people that you meet.

You should write your questions down on a card just in case you forget them.

All the men or women, depending on the event, rotate to the next match and the process starts all over again.

As you end each session, you are to decide if the person you just met is someone you would want to date again or someone who is just not the right person for you.

We expect approximately 80 companies will be attending a Job Fair at Career Day 2014 on March 7th in the University Union Ballroom (8-4) at CSUS Experience really matters in today’s competitive world!

Contacts also matter now and when you get that pink slip- they come when you least expect it and you need to have connections for the inevitable curve balls that life sends your way. A little bit of effort in advance of the event can make a big difference for your overall success in connecting with the right company. Example: Smile big and say: Hi, my name is ____________.

About Speed Dating Speed dating is a matchmaking method that allows you to meet many potential dating matches in a short period of time.

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Once the time limit is over, a bell or alarm will go off signaling that it is time to move on to the next match.

This is a very safe environment for you to ask these types of questions and then you will know right away before wasting any time.

The best thing is that if someone isnt right for you, you dont have to do any explaining to them, they simply wont receive any of your information. Start With the Basics Your first set of question should be just the basic questions like name, age, job and where they live.

Think hard about if there is anything about someone that would make you absolutely not want to date them.

Maybe you dont want to date someone with children, someone without a job or someone of a different religion.

Know What Is Important Before you start making your list of question, you should ask yourself what is important to you.