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Benisch herself, who were all colleagues and teachers from Beth Yaakov schools for girls in Krakow and surrounding areas. Benisch gives detailed accounts of the inspiring way these brave women repeatedly risked their lives to help others and uphold their commitment to Torah and Jewish observance.Armed with the Jewish values and ideals that had been transmitted to them, they managed to become models of courage and altruism even in the bowels of hell.His prison cell looked like a mini-mart due to the countless snacks and microwaveable food he had stacked.Pictured: Simpson taken into custody in 2008 (left) and Simpson at a hearing in 2013 (right) However, Simpson cut out the junk food when he heard he was possibly getting out in October, instantly changing his ways because he wanted to look good when he left prison.In the past when Simpson went to 'yard' he would sit in the bleachers and watch other inmates play softball, but now with his new-found prison workout friend, he would exercise and it paid off, added the prison insider.The newly freed felon was able to show off his significant weight loss when he was spotted out and about in Nevada on his first weekend on the outside.He switched over to the prison's diabetic diet, which limits the inmate's calories to 2,600 a day Sometimes Simpson would complain because the diabetic diet wasn't based on the quantity of food but rather on a calorie count of 2,600 per day.Not only did Simpson eliminate sweets, cookies and snacking, he started walking around the prison track during his 'yard' time.

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The normal prison diet is about 5,000 to 6,000 calories a day, while the diabetic diet is drastically cut down in calories.Amenities at the Red Rock Country Club include a choice of three restaurants, a 36-hole golf course, tennis courts and a luxury spa offering pricey treatments such as a 5 facial for men that promises to 'nourish, refresh, calm and soothe male skin' and alleviate razor burn.

Chrissy Metz dazzled at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in LA on Sunday, where her This Is Us co-stars Milo Ventimiglia and Lonnie Chavis picked up the award for Tearjerker.… continue reading »

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