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30-Jan-2017 13:48

But, in reality, there are situations where the installer is not able to update files because they are in use.In these cases, we need to restart your machine to complete the installation.In one week, 90% of users worldwide who need the update have successfully completed installation, including the restart, with the number of installations pretty much flattening out after that.Figure 1 – Completed download and installation of updates from time of release of update The balance of how broadly and how quickly we can update has proven beneficial to our users to the point where updating is mainly viewed as a background maintenance task (and justly so!A fifteen-minute countdown timer warns you of the restart Allowing restarts to occur without user interaction has helped us to rapidly update a major portion of the Windows ecosystem with critical updates.

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And Windows Update has been quite successful in updating PCs in time to stay ahead of large-scale exploits against Windows.This is the least disruptive experience for users, and so we do want to “hitch a ride” whenever we can on user-initiated shutdowns instead of inconveniencing users with a separate restart.

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