Pokemon dating sim paul from american idol dating nikki

20-Oct-2016 00:21

This plothole/inconsistence is a small price to pay for the possibility of having any girl of Pokemon as a girlfriend.(The day when I add Agatha is far away, but out there ; P) I hope I could answer all questions.Yes, battling is possible, but only the girls, as battling is far from being the main aspect of the game itself.The tournament itself is strictly organized and battle plans are already made.

But a Pokémon Dating Sim (to date girls) did not really exist up until now (except the links posted in the idea thread).

I don't even see tracing the images, building the inventory GUI and looking for sounds/backgrounds as my duty. That doesn't change the fact that I still don't want to create GUI or graphics. Well, I better do a list of what still needs to be done. - Work over interaction.rpy, because the way it is now is kinda stupid.

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