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02-Mar-2017 12:27

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The fan then bear hugs the rapper and throws him off the stage. The fan was thrown out of the building, courtesy of security. Plies got right back up on stage and continued rapping as fights were breaking out in the crowd.

The attacker went home and started uploading videos ...

He never thought of becoming a hip hop artist in his childhood days.

That’s why during High School days; he played football as a defensive and receiver back.

Officially, now he is not dating to anyone and entirely focusing on his profession.

These days he is working on his next album ‘Purple Heart’.

After a year, he launched two more albums ‘Definition of Real’ and ‘Da REAList’.

His fans adore both of these two albums and were considered as the best selling.

This phenomenal American hip hop artist was born and grew up in Fort Myers.

As per reports, he is unmarried and not involve in any other marital affair.

It was speculated in last year that Plies had relationship with a pretty actress named .

Plies also released two albums in 2008, Definition of Real and Da REAList, and later released Goon Affiliated in 2010.

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In the late 1990s, Plies and his stepbrother Ronnell Lawrence Lavatte, also known as Big Gates, established an independent record label, Big Gates Records.Before entering into the college, Plies along his stepbrother Ronnel established their own private record company.

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