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Costly operating keys are lost, potential marketing funds too.Human errors are minimized with automation of imaging processing.With a variety of motherboards comes a variety of BIOS utilities and files to manage.This process can be achieved manually, but involves the operator choosing the correct utility and file.and an inspection of the case for scratches and required stickers is conducted.An audit is a full system check including a boot up to check for proper operating system and applications, a physical inspection of the configuration, and a final inspection of the order for peripherals, cables, scratches, and stickers.Stay informed for when we release new versions by entering your e-mail address below.PC Builder™ – the ultimate test management software suite providing you with reliable computer diagnostics, imaging needs – Microsoft DPK and COAs, BIOS flashing – and data erasure in a powerful framework for your automated PC manufacturing and refurbishment operations.

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Uniquely, we also combine direct, auto-booting tests, unattended testing and data erasure tools, going direct to hardware to get around operating systems such as Linux.Each tested unit record is saved automatically for reference and comparisons.Production tasks often require the correct, up-to-date BIOS to be installed on PCs.Imaging PCs with an operating system is more involved than merely blasting an image onto the drive; some setup steps are required in order to get the operating system installed correctly.

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If incorrect choices are made, they may not be easily noticed as they would if an incorrect flash utility is attempted.Diagnostics also need to fit into the process in an automated fashion to ensure process repeatability and scalability.