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27-Jun-2016 01:35

Mike is a freelance Civil Engineer in Oxford and most of his clients are men. Mike loved being a member of Attractive Professionals.

Having been ‘single’ for over two years he thoroughly enjoyed dating some of our pretty, intelligent women.

Image source Known as ‘the city of dreaming spires’, Oxford has many spectacular views on offer.

For adventurous romance, get up at the crack of dawn and climb the stairs to the top of Carfax Tower – just in time to watch the sunrise over the city together.

Little Clarendon Street is a great spot to find lots of great restaurants in from French (Pierre Victoire) to Spanish (Al-Andalus Tapas Bar) to Classic English (Browns) – plus there’s more than enough choices for pubs and bars for enjoying afterwards!

Try the Duke of Cambridge, Freud’s and then Raouls for cocktails to end the night on a high.

They agreed to meet for a ‘quick drink’ at the Randolph Hotel in Oxford and admitted to us later that they ‘almost booked a room’ (how naughty is that? They were attracted immediately and almost instantly knew they were meant to be together.

Ideally he had wanted to date London girls only which was very understandable but love doesn’t always happen ‘to order’ and as he was spending that weekend with his sister Edward agreed to meet Lyn and what a good job he did.

Lyn wanted to meet a professional, intelligent and personable man who wanted to settle down and have a family.

Soon, employees and friends start convening, catching up on the wild party they attended the night before and setting up for the arrival of Grandmaison's guest, Peter Rosenberg, the influential Hot 97 DJ whose career inspired Adam to turn his hip-hop fandom into a living. "Hey, you remember those two girls from that podcast? "I so could have had a threesome last night, but I was so freakin' geeked out of my mind and didn't feel like trying it." His pals give him shit, accusing him of wimping out for fear of displeasing his girlfriend, social-media celebrity Lena Nersesian (a.k.a. Grandmaison tries to play it off, but he admits, "It's, like, you want to fuck other girls just to prove to yourself that you have no feelings, but then when you kinda do have feelings, it's like, ' Aw, fuck …'" He agonizes over what might have been.… continue reading »

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For lunch one day, Huang and his father, Louis, eat at a Hooters situated at the site of Louis’s former steakhouse, Cattleman’s Ranch—one of a number of successful restaurants the elder Huang started after immigrating to the United States from Taiwan, in the late nineteen-seventies.… continue reading »

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I landed somewhere in the middle: my girls had a basic understanding of skiing already, but I wanted to help them continue to progress (and, besides, a 6-year-old doesn’t seem to resist instruction with a professional coach like she does with her mom).… continue reading »

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