Organization 13 dating game

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The reason for the placement of the "X" in the naming process of a new Organization XIII member has to do with Master Xehanort's fascination with the legendary X-blade.As Xemnas regained memories of Master Xehanort's past, he remembered the χ-blade, and incorporated the "X" into Organization XIII.In addition to this, they all wear black leather gloves of some unknown length, as they disappear under bell shaped sleeves.Some members have different looking coats, for example Axel, whose sleeves are tight around his wrists. "XIII Order") is a group of thirteen powerful Nobodies who seek to reclaim their hearts and become whole again. XIV) (formerly) Organization XIII (XIII機関 Jūsan Kikan; lit. Ansem the Wise began initiating tests about the human heart with the hopes of recovering Xehanort's lost memories.

It is known, however, that they all wear hakama-esque black pants and knee high silver trimmed boots, with the exceptions of Roxas, who wears sneakers of the same color, and Larxene and Xion, who wear a more feminized version of the boots with heels. The Organization yearns to discover the secrets of the heart and fill the empty void inside themselves by gathering hearts to form Kingdom Hearts so they can become full beings again. The six Nobodies then banished Ansem to a Realm of Nothingness, and went on to for Organization XIII, with other member joining in the future. Eventually, the six apprentices surrendered to the darkness, creating a Heartless and Nobody for each apprentice.

However, the six apprentices continued the experiments on countless subjects, discovering the Heartless as a result.

Riku obtains his cloak from Di Z and it is presumed Mickey also obtains it from him. The reason that Organization XIII wears black cloaks is because Master Xehanort, one of Xemnas's original beings, once wore one.

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